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How To 10X Social Engagement And Close Sales Effortlessly Using The FB-Secrets In Just 48 Days... 

Even if you don't have a product, no service, no email list, no followings online or no funnels and without worrying about spending years to figure this out...
RENÉ BARATELLA - AKA The Freedom Lifestyle Laptopreneur Since 2018
Founder Of Organic Sales System, Success Story Mastermind, FB Secrets
Certified KBB Graduate, CF Achiever And Mastermind World Summit 2021 Moderator: Organic Launch Expert Working With & Learning From The TOP Marketing Celebrities Like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Chris And Stapes, Johnny West, Jenna Kutcher, Shaqir Hussyin, Etc In Engaging Their Audience, Providing Solutions And Creating Massive Impact Online Organically.
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Acquire An Income Skill For Financial Freedom With René Baratella
“One Of The BEST COACHES Online
Helping Life & Business Coaches Crush It”

where clients pay $3K-$10K+ for personal
coaching, consulting + custom organic systems...

And How YOU Can Practically Copy A Successful Coach To
Get To Your First (Or Next) 10K Monthly Asap!

Dear Coach /  Consultant...

Let me ask you a question before you read this entire letter:

Have you ever thought... 

"How Do They All Get Big Results But NOT ME?"

As My Friend Russell Brunson Says "You're ONE Funnel Away".

But if it was that easy why isn't everyone's funnels bringing them awards, clients and cash? 

There's a lot more that happens behind just a "Funnel".

Similar goes for Organic Marketing.

GOOOROOS will want you to do 101 things so they can sell you never ending courses and the next challenge also known as bootcamps.

As I look around the industry I see literally THOUSANDS of helpless and lost coaches because the truth is...

It's NOT easy.

It's NOT going to happen overnight.

It's NOT going to work if you go at it alone.

Trust me, I've been there - it's a lonely and long journey of endless days on end hammering away at the laptop and getting sucked into the next dirty shiny object tactic of the month from the latest gooroo...

Can you relate to what I'm sharing here?

I've decided to take a stand and show you the right way almost coming out of my semi retired laptop lifestyle I've built to educate the coaching industry...

Well I'm one of THE ONLY ones who worked with and for TOP Marketing Gurus like Dean Graziosi And Tony Robbins of which I have tons of behind the scene SECRETS to share and I want to show you EXACTLY what it takes to build your first or next Five, Six and even a Seven Figure business purely from organic marketing.

If you’re wanting to start, grow, or scale your pandemic proof online coaching business.

If you want to develop scalable in demand skills.

If you are a entrepreneur, life coach and business coach and your business isn’t growing as fast as it should, or as you'd like I’m willing to bet that the REAL REASON... 

You’re stuck isn’t what you think it is. 

Yes, traffic costs are going up.

Yes, red bloody ocean everywhere you look and competition is fierce…

Yes, the current economic climate and pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live and work…

…but are any of these factors the REAL REASON you’re business is stuck?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I believe…

The REAL REASON your sales have slowed, stopped or been stuck

The REAL REASON your new product hasn’t launched or got momentum…

The REAL REASON you just flat out aren’t making the money that you deserve is

Your MARKETING is not EFFECTIVE AKA your "efforts" aren't producing the results because it's the wrong efforts on the wrong things.

Does that make sense?

Here’s the deal: Most “coaches” that you usually learn from either get lucky or work so hard they sacrifice everything to get to 6-7 figures...

Then they turn around and teach this instead of building real businesses that is scalable and systemized.

This is what I've mastered and how I went from zero to $10K and beyond and I well on my way to getting 6 to 7 Figures.

All using the power of FB-Secrets Organic Marketing.

As the pandemic hit and over 40Million Americans have filed for unemployment, UK just got into recession with nearly 1 million people unemployed...

Worldwide over 250 million jobs were destroyed in 2020 and 2021 will not be better...

ENOUGH CRAZINESS! I put my thinking hat on to figure out how to help as many coaches as I can...

You see in my previous "life" I hosted over 100+ live trainings, personal one-on-one and attended many TOP Guru workshops...

GUESS - What the number 1 question of all time was?

"How do I get to an extra 10K sales monthly?".

They all want to achieve the same thing, more moolah, more time off and more fun!

SPECIFICALLY 10k monthly.

Then to 100K monthly and beyond. 

So it got me thinking how can I help coaches & consultants achieve that?

Think about this.

Do you want to dramatically Start & Grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to actually start? Maybe you don't even have a product / service or even any experience?

Do you have a business or company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck and hit a sticking point with lack of sales?

Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?

Are you convinced that you need sales funnels, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?

Are you about to launch your next offer, and want to make sure it's a huge success!?!

Have You Ever Thought?

I wish someone would just show me STEP BY STEP on what to do and how to do it and WHY it should be in XYZ Way so I can actually start to build an only hyper profitable business with zero skills and zero technical know how?

Have You Ever Thought? 

I wish I can just get my first client and then I can just DUPLICATE IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 


Well, you're in luck my friend. 

REALLY - You're in luck. 

Until now only the serious, die hard coaches could afford my products/services by APPLICATION ONLY and fees often range from 3k-10K+ for my Organic Services, but due to the current global pandemic...

I wanted to do something special and for the FIRST TIME EVER offer you my 3K+ program for just a tiny $47 fee.

Imagine, sitting down at your computer with a proven "Fill in the Blank" Organic System Blueprint and within 7 days (or less)... 

Voila, you emerge with a brilliant organic system and an effective approach producing $$$ just like you always wanted!

Who Is The FB-Secrets Course For?

  • Starting FROM SCRATCH - Want to promote your knowledge & expertise that helps you thrive in this current economy.
  • A Course Creator who’s bought all the courses  - created courses or bought courses but can’t seem to build your list or build the course to sell and stuck in friend zone with your customers instead of CASH ZONE! 
  • A Coach/Consultant/Advisor - Service-Based Business Owner who’s spent several tough years trying to build their business online & you can’t quite put the pieces together always feel like there’s a missing piece. You sick of relying on rollercoaster up and down income and are ready to scale.
  • A Self Confessed Shiny Object Syndrome Specialist - You’ve admittedly, embarrassingly and quietly have bought every single course, program, mastermind, system, seminars, summits, podcasts, blogs, youtube videos, secrets, books, business opportunity under the sun and yet you aren’t profiting
Join Shaqir Hussyin for the LIVE 5 Day Start Up & Scale Up Challenge

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How To Position Yourself As An Expert Life/Business Coach Even If Nobody's Ever
Heard Of You

➡️ Secret #1: The Agony Of Choice: Have you ever wondered where to really focus your social media marketing efforts on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Or maybe you even wondered if a podcast or on own YouTube channel would be good for you? 

This session will clear all the questions and give you an exact answer.

➡️ ​Secret #2: Play On The Right Stage: Did some guru'ish providers confuse you with different information whether to focus on your goals, profile positioning, your pages, or even your groups? 

Find out what really matters and where you really need to focus on in this module.

➡️ ​Secret #3: Know The Rules & Win: Follow the very simple, step by step instruction to set up your Facebook profile like the most successful marketing expert and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises about both your privacy and unwanted leads trying to troll you just to get access to your program for free.

How To Enroll High Ticket Clients Whilst Serving Them At The Highest Level With ZERO Sales Experience

➡️ ​Secret #4: Build A Rock-Solid Foundation: Having a simple but highly effective organic sales system in place makes all the difference when it comes to having a lead generation system that work on autopilot even if you are not online. This is one of the most neglected "secrets" out there. Don't be one of them who don't have it.

➡️ Secret #5: Become The Influencer Your Community Is Yearning For: Now that your groundwork and the foundation are ready to go, there is something you need to have in place: Content! Feeling a bit tight? About the creation, publishing, and planning? Worry no more: I got your covered in this life-changing module where I teach you the Content Creation & Content Planning Framework all influencer use to attract their ideal clients. This is what is called content-marketing! 

➡️ Secret #6: Champions Adjust: Life is changing constantly. And so is Facebook and any social media platform. This course is so much different from all the other ones out there: I added many extra sessions when Facebook introduced the new layout. I give you a exact overview what you need to change to stay 100% visible and the exact measures for your Canva design work both for desktop and mobil.

Launch & Get Your
First 1-10 Clients
(With Our DFY Templates & Campaigns System)

➡️ Secret #7: Repetition Makes The Master: Don't mess with the algo - or in other words: Don't byte the hand that feeds: Learn in an all new, and never-taught before way how to work with the algorithm of Facebook to make your message, posts, and content go viral. This ensures to put your message on top of your ideal client's newsfeed, get more likes, more comments, more shares, and most importantly: more free reach that you will get with no other guesswork. Probably THIS is what will make all the difference for you and your business!


Constantly Updated & New Videos Added Monthly: For example: "How to get clients into your "world"? - "How to present yourself as the go-to authority of your niche?" - "How to fight overwhelm in your coaching business?" - "How to turn likes into buyers?" - "Best place to market your offer as a life or business coach!" and many more
SNEAK PEAK ALERT: The world’s first & ONLY ever Facebook Organic Marketing Expert to launch a brand new breed of Entrepreneurs as Life & Business Coaches...

& More surprises to come for those who's part of our inner circle...

Ready To Start/Grow/Scale Your Own

Coaching Or Consulting Business 
(Using The Power Of Facebook)?

In 48 Days Or Less...

Here's Real Life Examples of Others I've Helped With My FB-Secrets Course To Grow Their Pandemic Proof Business

Who is your presenter: René Baratella?

You be the judge when you see how powerfully potent and amazingly effective the "FB-Secrets Course" is when starting, growing and scaling your business, idea or product.

René started from ground zero just like most coaches and made his first 5-figures in only a couple of months. 

Known for his No B.S approach for creating automated organic sales system that endless high ticket,
high quality and high end clients on autopilot. 

Private Consulting with René starts & gets paid
charging $497 for private consulting per session.

To create 100 new success stories making $10K per month, he's looking for new case studies and has decided to share some of his best thinking practices with struggling coaches. 

René Baratella
Expert, Organic Marketing & Funnel Acquisition
Creator, Organic Sales System & Success Story Mastermind


FB-Secrets BUNDLE Course

  • CORE PRIVILEGE: Behind the Scenes And Step By Step Coaching & Insights & Teachings On Facebook Organic Marketing To Start & Grow Businesses From Scratch Following a Simple Process for Building Awareness With Your Target Audience, Engage to Quality Them and Close The Sale with a Proven Strategy Anyone Can Apply!

Claim Your 6x FAST ACTION BONUSES For Joining Right Now.

  • FAST ACTION BONUS 1: FREE 1-1 Profile Page Audit Call with Rene's or One of His CERTIFIED ADVISORS ($497 Value - Limited Spots)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 2: FREE Bonus: "HELP MY SOCIAL PRESENCE" Exposure Strategy Audits - You can submit your pages and Rene will audit a strategy of them live and film it for everyone. ($997 Value)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 3: FREE Bonus: 1-Hour OSS (Organic Sales System) Masterclass On Leads Generation On How Successful Coaches Scale From Zero To 5- and 6-Figures A Month. ($297 Value)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 4: FREE Bonus: Online Exclusive COMMUNITY ACCESS for
    12 Months of Updates, New Swipes, Bonus Videos, Surprise Strategy Templates & More.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 5: FREE Bonus: Video Case Study: How To Generate 77+ Red-Hot-Leads In Just 3 Hours Within 3 Days (Highly Targeted Leads....) Without Being Pushy Or Salesy!
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 6: A Master Selection Of FREE Resources & Tools With The Most Effective ROI Reputation In The Industry for Optimizing Your Organic Marketing System ($PRICELESS VALUE - Limited Spots)
TOTAL VALUE: $9,996.82
Regular Price Will Be Raised To $2,997

Here's What Some Of René's Students Are Saying...

What Are You Waiting For?...

Claim Your 6x FAST ACTION BONUSES For Joining Right Now!

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